Italian Marble Inlay Atelier

Availing of over 55 years experience in business, Budri sets the benchmark for the design, bespoke execution and installation of major projects of great complexity in all five continents. The brand occupies a privileged position in niche markets with high added value, characterised by superior product quality, projects and an outstanding level of service dedicated to clients.

Beauty is the driver of all our works

Our passion stems from reverence for the rare, precious material that we are privileged to work, from awareness of the intrinsic value that our creations must have, the value of uniqueness. Our aim is to render Budri projects universally recognisable for their quality, refinement and the passion that they reflect. We embrace the responsibility to honour Italy’s great artistic past and to imbue materials with our love of such magnificence. We are inextricably linked to a world that turns on values and emotions.

Our Hands

Hands that work, cut and compose with the utmost precision. Hands that polish and refine, moved by passion and their in-depth understanding of marble and stone, with the elegant sensibility typical of fine craftsmen. Inlays and mosaics have been part of Italy’s cultural heritage since time immemorial and Budri’s works are the result of centuries of tradition combined with the most modern technologies and cutting-edge equipment. During the processing phases every thought and action is constantly geared towards excellence and perfection, every minimal detail closely studied to interpret and reflect the profound essence of the project.

Design and Lightness

With its creative, technologically advanced approach, Budri pursues solutions that reflect the constant stream of stimuli from the creative world. Clients  who turn to Budri find a synergetic, pioneering, creative partner with the ability to work materials with innovation.

Extraordinary Nature

Budri selects the finest marbles from all over the world for its projects.  The painstaking selection of slabs of marble, onyx and semi-precious stone of outstanding quality endows Budri projects with sublime aesthetic and interpretative qualities. We handle every slab that we work with the greatest of respect and passion, honouring the intrinsic value it naturally possesses.